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Who is GGstOf?
The Association of the General Staff Officers (GGstOf) forms an exclusive network of Swiss Army General Staff Officers
It was set in place in 2005 and is the alumni organisation of the Swiss General Staff School.
There are about 640 members by the end of 2009.

What is our goal?
At least 75% of all Swiss General Staff Officers (GS Of) are intended to be part of our association.
About 30% of the command and staff functions should be held by GS Of working in private businesses.
We promote a better understanding of the public (politicians, economy, media) about functionality and role of the GS Of.

Be a part of it!
As member of the GGstOf you have access to an exclusive network. Make use of this and bring in your capabilities and experience. Every contribution is welcome and can be crucial for the success of our Association. Please contact our projectleader 'Networking' for further information.


6000 Luzern

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